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Millaman reserve Carménère 2019 LIMITED EDITION comes from the Maule valley in Chile. Produced with hand-picked grapes cultivated during the last week of April.  This intense red with purple hints coloured wine has an interesting combination of aromas, dominated by strawberries and blackberries, spices and a well-balanced acidity.


The Millaman winery was founded by Italian immigrant José Canepa in 1946. His first winery was based in the Curicó Valley. In 1998 he expanded and founded Millaman winery in the Maule valley.


Carménère is a red grape from Chile that has a long tradition in the country. The grapes come from Bordeaux in France. Nowadays, not many Carménère wineries are found in France, however 10% of the wines produced in Chile are this variety.  As the Chilean wine industry grows, more experimentation is being carried out on Carménère's potential as a blending grape, especially with Cabernet Sauvignon.

Carmenere Millaman Reserva Limited Edition, Chile


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