Pedregal Tannat 100% Red wine, aged in oak barrels.


Dark red wine with aromas of blackberries and dark chocolate. It has smoky notes, hints of vanilla and spices. Full-bodied with firm but polished tannins. It’s great to accompany red meats, game meats, strong chesses, stews and pastas.


Antigua Bodega Stagnari are one of the oldest wineries in Uruguay dating back to the 1920s. It has been in the Stagnari family since then are continue to produce their traditional wines, as well as innovating with new and exciting products resulting in some of the most exciting wines across the country, or arguably across south America.


Tannat is well known for its high anthocyanin levels resulting from their tannins on the red grape skins. Tannat is originally from Madiran, in the southwest of France. More recently, it’s been introduced to Uruguay where wineries have adopted this grape. In both of these countries it is often blended with Cabernet Sauvigon or Merlot to help soften its high tannins.


 Stagnari es una bodega enfocada a la producción de vinos premium, estos son elaborados con sus propias uvas provenientes de sus dos viñedos: La Puebla – Canelones (uvas blancas) y La Caballada – Salto (uvas tintas).


En 1874 Pascual Harriague inmigrante vasco francés introdujo al Uruguay por primera vez la cepa tannat, la cual se convertiría en la variedad madre de la vitivinicultura uruguaya. Harriague llegó a cultivar unas 200 hectáreas de Tannat en la zona de «La Caballada», en «Nueva Hespérides» en Salto. Esto es buena parte del secreto por el cual vinos finos  Stagnari elabora el vino tannat más premiado del mundo.

Pedregal Tannat, Antigua Bodega Stagnari, Uruguay